Public Company Representation

Since Silicon Valley’s formative years, Wilson Sonsini has held an established position as the leading law firm provider to innovative enterprises. As the firm’s attorneys nurtured promising start-ups through the business life cycle, many of them opted to go public, with Wilson Sonsini acting as issuer’s counsel in the resulting initial public offering. In fact, this progression, combined with the firm’s representation of underwriters in IPOs, helped us become the premier enterprise counsel to technology and other growth industries and the top-ranked law firm in annual IPO issuer’s counsel and financial advisor rankings.

Similarly, the evolution of our clients from privately held to public companies is one reason why Wilson Sonsini successfully built a respected, top-ranked public company practice. The firm has more than 300 public company clients and a sterling reputation as an advisor to corporations, boards of directors, and board committees.


Wilson Sonsini has the experience that boards of directors, senior management, and in-house attorneys need to help them thrive in a global business market characterized by aggressive competitors, rapid change, and stiff regulatory demands. The following points summarize our expansive corporate law experience: 

  • We have earned a reputation for corporate practice excellence by providing sound, proactive advice to clients on state and federal securities laws, stock exchange regulations, and general corporate law.
  • We have an equally experienced and sophisticated governance practice that advises public company clients on all aspects of governance counseling, including board and board committee composition, process, and independence.
  • The firm’s office in Wilmington, Delaware, gives corporate clients access to leading practitioners who are expert on key issues of Delaware law, which is of paramount importance to companies incorporated in the state.
  • Our corporate practice consists of attorneys who are former senior officials at major regulatory and judiciary bodies in the areas of governance, compliance, and corporate best practices, including:
    • Chancellor of the Delaware Court of Chancery
    • Vice Chancellor of the Delaware Court of Chancery
    • Chair of the NYSE Commission on Corporate Governance
    • Chairman of the NYSE Enforcement and Listing Standards Committee
    • Co-chair of the NASDAQ Listing and Hearing Review Council
    • Member of the SEC Advisory Committee on Smaller Public Companies
    • Member of the Advisory Board of the Securities Regulation Institute


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