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Our technology transactions department is made up of two practice groups—IT (known internally as TTG-IT) and Biotech (known as TTG-Bio). The work they do is very similar—representing our clients in all manner of agreements (more on that here). What truly distinguishes these two tech trans groups from each other is who their clients are.

Our TTG-IT group works with our high-tech clients on nearly every kind of agreement that affects their business. Our tech clients include early stage companies negotiating their very first agreements around bleeding-edge technologies to field-defining mature companies managing industry-altering deals—and everything in between. It is also common for our TTG-IT attorneys to work with foreign clients looking to enter the US market and advise them on national regulations. Our TTG-IT attorneys work with our clients on all of their agreements throughout the growth of the company.

The TTG-IT practice includes a wide variety of industries—there is very little not touched by technology these days—and the agreements the group works on are as varied as the technology they support.  Among the many industries our clients come from are digital health, media (especially the music industry), AI and machine learning, fintech and crypto, electronic gaming, semiconductors, and more. Some of these industries, such as e-gaming, digital health, sustainability, and AI/machine learning—have working groups at the firm built around them. These working groups bring together resources from around the firm and are a place for associates to learn about that practice and network with other attorneys with the same interest.

Our junior associates work across many industries to develop experience and get exposure to many different types of clients. As they progress in their careers, our TTG-IT associates find the industries in which they are most interested and develop deep knowledge in those fields. As they become senior attorneys, many become specialists in those industries and the work that fuels them.

There is no particular background or experience required to join our TTG-IT group. While we certainly welcome applications from those with STEM degrees, we know from experience that success in our group doesn’t depend on that background. Get to know our TTG-IT group whether or not you have a science background! There are TTG-IT attorneys in several of our offices, including Austin, Boston, New York, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC.

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Manja S. Sachet
Technology Transactions

Tech trans work, especially with tech clients, is very fast-paced and attorneys are often working on many clients and matters at once. For people who like variety, this is a great practice.

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    Wilson Sonsini advised FATMAP, which uses 3D mapping technology to make outdoor adventures easier to discover using trail information for hikers, mountain bikers, skiers and runners, on acquisition by fitness-based subscription platform Strava.