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Our technology transactions department is divided into two practice groups—Biotech (known internally as TTG-Bio) and IT (known as TTG-IT). The work they do is very similar—representing our clients in all manner of agreements (more on that here). What truly distinguishes these two tech trans groups from each other is who their clients are.

Our TTG-Bio group works exclusively with biotech and life sciences clients. From supporting start-up clients signing their first commercial agreements to advising mature and influential companies on negotiating world-changing partnerships and collaboration agreements, our TTG-Bio attorneys represent clients in every part of the life sciences industry and at every stage of corporate growth.  

Industries represented by our TTG-Bio practice include medical devices, pharmaceuticals, digital health, generics, academic and research institutions, and diagnostics, among many others. TTG-Bio works closely with clients to help them get products to market, and often works with research universities on licensing and research silos.

Our junior associates work across many industries to develop experience and get exposure to many different types of clients. As they progress in their careers, our TTG-Bio associates find the industries in which they are most interested and develop deep knowledge in those fields. As they become senior attorneys, many become specialists in those industries and the work that fuels them. Note: If you’re interested in joining our TTG-Bio group in Palo Alto, you’ll begin your time with Wilson Sonsini with two years in our Launch program. This will provide you with a broad base of experience from which to grow.

There is no particular background or experience required to join our TTG-Bio group. While many of our attorneys have STEM or life sciences degrees, we also have many successful associates and partners who don’t have those backgrounds. Please check out TTG-Bio if you have a science background in education or work—but also if you don’t! Our TTG-Bio group is based in our Boston, New York, Palo Alto, and San Diego offices.

View Points
Morgan Brown
Technology Transactions

Why do I work on the bio side of tech trans? Because at the end of the day I want to go to sleep feeling like I just helped someone. Our end goal is the same as our clients—to make patients’ lives better.

  • Client Highlight

    Aspect Biosystems

    Wilson Sonsini advised Aspect Biosystems on a $2.7 Billion collaboration, development, and license agreement with Novo Nordisk to develop bioprinted tissue therapeutics with the aim of delivering a new class of truly disease-modifying treatments for diabetes and obesity.