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From the internet’s earliest days, Wilson Sonsini has been a leader in establishing legal precedent and securing groundbreaking rulings that have transformed the online world.

Our internet strategy and litigation team is dedicated to helping our clients—online start-ups, global industry leaders, and a host of others in between—navigate a still largely uncharted and quickly evolving legal landscape. From advising on product development and risk mitigation to creating strategies for expansion and IP protections, we understand the opportunities and risks of doing business on the internet because we have been a part of it from the very beginning. As litigators, we win because we were involved in the seminal precedents and understand when and how to create the new ones.

Our clients are at the leading edge of innovation and often find themselves in high-stakes but uncertain moments as they develop technologies poised to transform entire industries. They have come to us for decades to guide decisions, to mitigate risk, and to shape the law as that innovation and transformation pushes the boundaries of existing law. When disputes are unavoidable (or a smart strategic move), we litigate and win the cases that set legal precedent, secure protections for our clients, and establish standards that govern our online world. 

This includes seminal cases such as the earliest lawsuits over the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, internet domain names, and search engines to today’s disputes involving social media, online IP, privacy, the First Amendment, online advertising, and government regulation. We can’t tell you what legal ground you’ll be treading in the future, because it probably doesn’t exist yet. 

If you join our internet strategy and litigation team, you’ll be part of a recognized leader in the industry, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn from successful litigators, technology experts, and business entrepreneurs who have been there and done that—repeatedly.

You’ll build the skills you need—and the relationships to support you—for a lifelong career in technology law.

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Internet Strategy and Litigation

Join a team that has played a central role in shaping the legal landscape for the online world and routinely tackles cutting-edge legal issues, from the earliest battles over the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, to today’s disputes over privacy, copyright online, and free speech. You will have the opportunity to work with clients ranging from industry leaders to early-stage start-ups, and a host of others in between, from the US and around the world. We are currently seeking associates with 5-7 years of experience particularly in cases and investigations concerning Internet law, privacy, data security, copyright, artificial intelligence, platform liability and first amendment issues.

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    Wilson Sonsini obtained summary judgment for Pinterest on a copyright-infringement claim that challenged core aspects of Pinterest’s online service. This hard-fought case dates back to 2019, when plaintiff Harold Davis sued Pinterest, alleging that the company’s use of his copyrighted photographs in the routine operation of its service constituted both contributory and direct copyright infringement.

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Mentoring and training are part of our core values. We are committed to building the next generation of attorney and staff to ensure the future success of the firm. We do this while honoring the legacy of our senior colleagues and our deep roots in the client base we serve.